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Former Employee - Technology says

"lack of management and visibility, 90% of employees do nothing the other 10% doing all the job"

Former Employee - Tier I Technical Support says

"Poor management Provided work tools are ancient"

Current Employee - Systems Administrator says

"If you choose to perform, there is no recognition. Do not expect anything more than Jungle rules! No career growth opportunity! Very low aptitude or skill levels overall of the Sr. mgmt team. No structure, no organizational skills. Overall, too dull an environment to work for and a thankless management."

Former Employee - UI/User Experience Designer says

"If your a designer who is being hired to work for this company. Be sure to give your two weeks notice at your current place after the background check no matter what this company says. The HR department will make up some b.s excuses to not hire you after if your BG check is taking long."

Teir II Tech Support says

"The work environment is terrible. It fostered a toxic area during work and the management truly looks at employees like stupid sheep most of the time."

Systems Administrator says

"Management is very poor. They do not care about their employees. This reflects in how the employees treat their customers also. There are no rewards here and the salary/pay is very poor. Tech support/Customer Support agents make as much as their programmers/systems administrators (in that they both make little to nothing). They actually make more when you factor in the amount of overtime put in by the latter."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unbalanced workload Manager took credit for your hard-work Minimal promotion opportunity"

Current Employee - Data Center Technician says

"Bad pay, no overtime, managers are not allowed to manage and poor budget and poor cabling."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"toxic office politics egotistic and out of touch management office morale is below poverty line no career growth opportunities no office perks"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers have no idea what they're doing . there's no procedure. Work pressure is too high."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company insiders talk alot about how great the culture is and they love to boast how great it is to work for unless you talk individually to each employee and then you find out how miserable they are. In sales my pay was decent but I know for a fact they pay most everyone else other than management a pittance. There is very little training for new hires they are thrown right in the fire and expected to learn quick or they are out the door. There is little to none of any ongoing training and the BS level is extremely least in the fort lauderdale office where I was located.Regular hours, good location, clean office, bathrooms ect.bad attitudes and backstabbing from some employees."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The work is hard to get used to with many systems unique to their company. Knowledge of the internet, websites, and how they're hosted is something you will have to be willing to get familiar with. The management team is often unapproachable by the staff and they are also disconnected from those who make decisions outside the country. "Restructuring" was a frequent event. There were phases that we would be gathered in a room and told several-a dozen employees would be let go. Sometimes entire teams would be eliminates in order to be outsources in the middle east for much lower costs to the company. HR and higher management were protective of the company and lower management and dismissed serious circumstances between an employee and a manager based on anecdotal ideas of that manager's character, despite facts being recorded to prove it. The pay is good and if you can keep your head down and survive there for a while, it's a good stepping stone to get you by - but I don't recommend staying there for longer than a year. You may actually enjoy it in the beginning, but I guarantee you the illusion will fade. Everyone I've met working there has been of it somehow."

Customer Service Rep (Current Employee) says

"Customer service rep, on the phone, chat and email. Management is not very organized. Co-workers are great to work with."

Assist customers (Former Employee) says

"Mixture of agents requiring technical and billing expertise.Health PlanManagement Style too archaic. Micro management in vogue."

Jr. Linux System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"A lot tech to get hands on nice co-workers very flexible hours not a lot of training high turnover good first job to break into industrylot of hardware, large scale env, good benefitsno training, will not prepare new employee, no best practices applied"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company grew too fast and could not catch up with the process at the time I worked there. Lots of silos and not too transparent organization. I learned a lot then but would not recmmend them to a friend."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Most managers would benefit from training in managing people. Turnover seems too high and may be related to lack of advancement opportunities, low average compensation, and management relations. In four years, there have been 4 HR managers, which is not a good indication of organizational stability. Some benefits include working with many different technologies, though this also reflects disorganization at a strategic level for a company that should already be mature. Working from home is not encouraged, though tolerated. Despite many cons, there are some hard working co-workers who are improving employee morale.Cheap icecreamLack of leadership and incompetent management"

Channel Partner Operations/Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Hostopia is now a Deluxe Company - recently purchased and acquired back in 2008. Operations in my role have recently been realigned/ migrated over to one of Deluxe's Main Operating Centers, which is in Kansas City. My role was to facilitate service and process deliveries between Telecom Corporations and Hostopia as well as analyze the flow of operations within various teams of the organizations supporting both product & service delivery to and from Telecom Organizations using Web-Based Systems & Applications.The business culture working for Hostopia had many challenges with various teams not working as cohesive as it should. Customer requirements and deliveries took longer than the average time expected making the response rate at 30%. This caused major churn from the Telecom's Customers using web applications and services that ran into many issues as well as the systems Hostopia provided to their Telecom Customers. Would advise for someone seeking a job opportunity in this organization is to do research and see what type of churn rate Hostopia or Deluxe has on length of employment. Deluxe will continuously re-organize their structure causing more riffs and lay-offs if questioning on Job Security."

System Administrator / DBA (Current Employee) says

"Open work area, chaotic tasks, several priorities.Most people working here have been there a no more than a couple years of more than 10. Not a place for creative thinkers. The box is there for a reason.Free PopMicromanagement"

Bilingual Partner Service Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day as Hostopia Service Manager is full of escalation from clients facing technical issues or even complete outages. The job of Service Manager is to gather appropriate teams together and help to solve a problem or initiate a project what will improve the client experience with Hostopia/Deluxe. The big challenge is to get the teams together, the company culture is not my problem, so Service Manager may encounter difficulties in trying to get the teams together. Typical day is also full of conference calls with internal teams and clients, answering emails and providing information to the the clients.manageable timeunderpaid"

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Good place to get experience. You learn a lot. sometime stressfull and long hoursFlexibleLong Hours, stressfull"

Technical Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Great job for anyone just looking to complete routine tasks for an affordable salary. Lots to learn on the technical side if interested, though only so much is available; If you're looking for a challenge this might not be the best route.Free pop/juiceRepetitive work" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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